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Pneumatic Switch for Sewing Machine Control

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Adapted Sewing Machine Controller

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with quadriplegia to operate a sewing machine. A plywood box was built to house the sewing machine foot pedal. Built into the box was a hinged flap and an inflatable blood pressure cuff attached to a plastic tube. The existing spring on the foot pedal was replaced by a weaker spring that is just strong enough to allow the pedal to return to the off position. When the user blows into the tube, she inflates the blood pressure cuff which presses o

ByteSwitch Sewing Machine

The ByteSwitch® Sewing Machine is a sewing machine that comes with a hand or mouth-operated speed controller that can regulate the machine’s sewing speed. It is designed for individuals with spinal cord injury, lower extremity disabilities, or lower extremity amputation. This is an adapted version of the Singer school model sewing machine and it comes with standard features such as an easy threading auto-tension system and a traditional foot pedal, with the addition of a ByteSwitch® speed contro

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