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Child's Poncho

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The Poncho is a pullover raincape designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. Made of waterproof, breathable barrier cloth, this cape features a drawstring hood. SIZES: Child's one size fits all and adult one size fits all. COLOR: Red, black, or tan.

Rain Poncho For Children (Model C181)

The Rain Poncho for Children, C181, is a child's poncho designed for wear by children who use wheelchairs. This rain poncho has a short back to prevent sitting on excess fabric, and is cut to avoid touching or getting caught in wheelchair wheels. Other features include a long front to keep lap and legs dry, two Velcro tabs on the bottom to secure the front around legs, two waist embrace straps to keep the poncho close to the body, a back flap to cover bags or books on the back of a wheelchair, a

Winter Poncho

The Winter Poncho is a poncho designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, lower extremity, balance, or mobility disabilities. Made of quilted and lined shearling fleece for warmth, this poncho features front closure and is cut for scooter and wheelchair safety. SIZE: One size for children and one size for adults. COLOR: Navy and taupe.


The Wintercape is a cape or poncho designed for use by children or adults with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This hooded poncho goes on overhead. It covers the back of a wheelchair-seated wearer to protect the backpack while skirting the wheels. It is constructed from waterproof nylon lined with Polartec, with a heavy-duty zipper in front. SIZES: Toddler, child, teen, adult, or extra-large adult. DIMENSIONS: Shoulder width is 28 inches (toddler) to 56 inches (extra-large adult). T

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