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Automatic Night Light

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Genoa Motion Activated Clock

The Genoa Motion Activated Clock, JMR868A, is a low vision wall clock and automatic night light designed for use by individuals with low vision. This self-setting atomic wall clock has a large liquid crystal display (LCD) display in either 12- or 24-hour format. The month, day, and indoor temperature is shown in much smaller characters. When motion is detected in a dark room, the nightlight and wall clock backlight temporarily activate. The clock has a daily crescendo alarm and user-selectable h


The PathLights are motion-activated night lights designed for use by people with low vision and others that may need assistance navigating in low light conditions. The PathLights can be mounted along a stairway, hall or other walkway. When mounted in a series, these round LED lights will illuminate in sequence to guide a person along a path. Once one of the lights is triggered by its motion sensor, the units communicate wirelessly with each other so that they light up in sequence down the stair

Sylvania 72317 LED Motion Sensor Door Light

Sylvania 72317 LED Motion Sensor Door Light is intended for seniors and people with learning and cognitive disabilities. It is a light that activates with motion and illuminates the door handle. 

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